A Multi-User Home Automation System An Application of Ideal Smart Home

  • MD RAZU AHMED Associate professor, Dept. of ETE, International Islamic University Chittagong
  • Mohammad Osiur Rahman
Keywords: Ideal Smart Home, Framework, Ecosystem, Security, Macro Cell, Central Database


Smart Home is one of the most trending technologies in the world now.  It makes people’s life easy and time-efficient because it combines various features to monitor and control the home remotely. The existing smart home developers develop some particular features. As a result, the users are deprived of the complete opportunities for smart home technology.  Considering the demand for home security and automation, an Android-based control system is designed in this article where the proposed method can ensure security in controlling all kinds of home appliances. An enhanced and cost-effective use of different devices of the research was ensured. The system is made user friendly by using four different types of switching. Cost analysis proves the device to be cost-effective concerning its enhanced performance and is also of low profile. Finally, Simulation and implementation of the work are presented with reasonable results.

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