Meandered with Parasite Patch Antenna for Partial Discharge Detection Applications

  • M. F. Ayob College of Engineering, University Tenaga Nasional
  • N.H. Ramli Wireless Communication Center, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Keywords: patch antenna, Meandered Antenna, Parasite Element, Partial Discharge Detection


A 10x10 cm patch antenna has been designed at frequency 200MHz as to suit Partial Discharge (PD) energy wave propagation in a VHF range. The return loss is below -25dB and the bandwidth is 208MHz. The radiation pattern of the antenna is omni-directional. The antenna gain is 0.57dB with 75.2% efficiency. The optimization process and design procedure are carried out by using CST Microwave Studio software. Simulation and measurement result are closely satisfied to each other. This antenna is practically suitable to Partial Detection application. All of the results can be used for further investigation.