Influences of Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, and Perceived Security on Intention to Use Digital Payment: A Comparative Study Among Malaysian Younger and Older Adults

  • Wan Noordiana Wan Hanafi UNITEN
  • Siti Norhidayah Toolib


Technology have assisted older and younger adults in everyday tasks and activities, such as digital payment and connecting with friends and family. However, the acceptance of the technology may differ. This study therefore aimed to assess the adoption of digital payment among younger and older adults. Data was collected through an online questionnaire and successfully gathered 518 responses from two groups which is younger and older adults. The data were analyzes using PLS-SEM, in order to confirm the validity and reliability of items use and to test the hypotheses. The result revealed that for both groups, all three hypotheses propose have a significant effect on intention to use digital payment. This study is important to academicians, buyers and sellers who are involved in digital payment as it demonstrates perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, perceived security, in affecting the intention to use digital payment.