Examining Effects of Work Environment and Work-Life Balance towards Job Satisfaction among MNCs Millennials in Klang Valley during Covid-19 Pandemic Outbreak


  • Nur Farah Qistina Yusli
  • Shahidah Ahmad Suhaimi UNITEN
  • Nur Zeyana Taib UNITEN
  • Siti Azniniza Abdullah
  • Mohd Hafis Mohamad


Psychological well-being is a state that results from feeling content with one's physical health, who one is as a person, and with one's close relationships. Meanwhile, emotional intelligence is a type of social intelligence that comprises the capacity to keep track of one's own and other people's emotions and feelings, to distinguish between them, and to utilise that information to inform decisions and actions. Undoubtedly, a variety of elements, including emotional intelligence, have an impact on a person's psychological well-being. Therefore, this study aimed to examine the gender differences in the effects of psychological well-being. Furthermore, this study also aims to examine the relationship between psychological well-being and emotional intelligence in IPDAS, Sabah. The results show there is no gender differences between men and women in the effects of psychological well-being. Moreover, it is found that there is relationship between emotional intelligence towards psychological well-being.