An Empirical Investigation on the Gender Differences in the Effects of Psychological Well-being and the Relationship With Emotional Intelligence: Case of Students Taking Sijil Pengajian Islam Malaysia in Sabah


  • Siti Azniniza Abdullah
  • Mohd Hafis Mohamad UNITEN
  • Shahidah Ahmad Suhaimi UNITEN
  • Nur Zeyana Taib UNITEN
  • Mohd Hafizi Nurodin
  • Mohd. Ibnu Fakri Vermond


The Millennial generation has a large employment advantage, making them one of the important players in the organization's and the economy's success. Based on their many characteristics, the millennial workforce presents a serious commitment issue for the organization, which could have an impact on employee satisfaction and the organization's success. This study has been done to examine the effects of work environment and work-life balance towards job satisfaction among millennials in multinational companies during Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. Descriptive and correlation analysis was conducted to get the results of the study. The results show the independent variables have significant correlation with dependent variable. The study's findings provide employers with information on the policies and procedures that may be employed to retain their Millennial workforce.