One-Stop Content Development Handbook for Online Course Developers


  • Mahlindayu Tarmidi College of Business and Management, Universiti Tenaga Nasional
  • Wan Farhah Shafiy Wan Kamalluarifin Universiti Tenaga Nasional
  • Maizatul Akmar Mohd Rasli
  • Nur Hidayah Sampol


Creation of online courses is one of the most notable recent breakthroughs in education made possible by the Web. They have the potential to develop into a significant new method of learning due to its extensive worldwide reach. Teachers or known as developers are responsible for creating the intended interactive learning materials for learners. Additionally, they involve at the beginning and speak with the course team members about development-related issues. As a result, this new approach to teaching, dubbed "redefining teaching," seeks to impart knowledge in fresh and creative ways. While some colleges adopt this new approach right away, others are dubious about whether they possess or even desire the technical know-how necessary to create an online course. Thus, the aim is to produce a comprehensive guidebook that contains all of the skills, tools, and knowledge required for producing online courses since technical aspect and literacy are what the developers always lack of. Authors of course materials can use the manual as a one-stop shop for information without have high dependency on the technical unit.


Author Biographies

Wan Farhah Shafiy Wan Kamalluarifin, Universiti Tenaga Nasional



Maizatul Akmar Mohd Rasli




Nur Hidayah Sampol