Green Hand Early Childhood Ecosystem (GHECE)


  • Zurina Ismail
  • Noor Awanis Muslim
  • Izzatul Ussna Ridzwan Ms
  • Maziah Mokhtar
  • Hanif Abu Hassan


This project aims to develop an ecosystem specifically to facilitate the teachers/a schools in early childhood to govern their green data and monitor their green report. This project facilitates the implementation of green project in the earliest educational level.  Fundamental education based initiative which encourages young people to engage in their environment by allowing them the opportunity to actively protect it through an eco-project that they identify, design and implement in their local area through their school. Indirectly improving early childhood communities’ level of Information Communication Technology literally and practically, rural and urban.  Besides, this ecosystem is crucial in preparing real time data; can be used as input in system making or policy making for green early childcare initiatives. This ecosystem is crucial in preparing future society particularly responsible for the environment sustainable goal. GHECE will promote teaching and learning especially in primary, lower secondary and upper secondary education through digital solutions.