Flipped Classroom Implementation for International Business Course: Pre, In and Post-Class Designs


  • Zuliawati Mohamed Saad Universiti Tenaga Nasional


One effective technique to maintain students' interest in what they are learning is to use student-centric approaches, such as the cooperative learning strategy. Lecturers are encouraged to find ways to create learning activities that are engaging in order to create and maintain students’ interest in the subject and their motivation to learn. However, gauging the student interest is quite challenging especially for theoretical subjects. It can end up being a dry subject if the students are not engaged and losing attention. Hence, this study aims to provide specific idea on the implementation of flipped classroom for International Business subject, specifically on the topic of Global Human Resource Management (Staffing Policy). This sharing provides some insights on the implementation of flipped classroom through Diagram Flow of Flipped Classroom Implementation which will benefit the lecturer, as well as the Student Checklists, to ensure the effectiveness of student’s participation, in relation to the three phases Pre, In and Post-Class. These materials may be adapted by academicians sharing similar kind of topic, and to apply it as part of their teaching and learning method.