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  • Mafuzah Mohamad College of Business, Management and Accounting
  • Jady@Zaidi Hassim Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Nurhana Abd Wahab


The Malaysian construction sector is regarded as one of the country's most significant economic growth and GDP drivers, besides a significant source of employment. This industry is dominated by foreign workers, and due to the perilous nature of the construction work, they are subject to many injuries, including fatalities. The poster is the result of qualitative studies in which 15 informants participated in the semi-structured interview session from various backgrounds, namely  CIDB trainers, contractors, safety officers, site supervisors, and the foreign workers themselves. The interview output was transformed to verbatim and analysed using ATLAS. Ti version 9 software. The study's findings proposed that the primary constraint of foreign workers is the language barrier in which they did not understand the basic safety rules. This poster is formulated to cater to the language barrier contributing to the severe accidents and skyrocketing fatality rate among foreign workers. Currently, there has no single basic safety handbook with multi-languages (with images) in the market. The new invention is very practical generally for the government in formulating the recruitment policy for the foreign worker and specifically for the contractor, site supervisor, safety officer, CIDB trainer for Green Card Certification and consultant or the recruitment agency. 


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