Thyroid Revelation Score ( TReS)


  • Fatini Hanim Mohamed Taufek Lecturer
  • Sahaida Laily Md Hashim
  • Hamidah Ramlan
  • Normaisarah Abdul Manaf
  • Siti Fara Fadila Abd Razak


At the base of the neck, directly below the Adam's apple, is where the thyroid gland is located. It encircles the windpipe and resembles a butterfly. Your entire body may experience problems if your thyroid is not working properly. When the body produces too much thyroid hormone, it is said to have hyperthyroidism. When the body's production of thyroid hormone is insufficient, hypothyroidism results. Both of these ailments require medical attention because they are both significant. According to a recent large cross-sectional multicentre study, 3.4% of Malaysians have thyroid malfunction, of which 0.6% have overt hyperthyroidism and 2.8% have subclinical hyperthyroidism. The prevalence of hypothyroidism, on the other hand, is 2.1% (0.5% overt and 1.6% subclinical hypothyroidism). The potential thyroid diagnosis may be able to alter a person's trajectory in life. The Thyroid Revelation Score (TReS) is a measurement score for potential thyroid patients that can also be used to gauge one's own health. A suitable process flow for measuring thyroid self-health will also be developed by Thyroid Revelation Score (TReS). As a self-health evaluation tool, this score is anticipated to attract interest from medical institutions, universities, governmental organisations, schools, and the general public