The Modelling, Simulation and Performance Study of A Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Mechanical Power

Hsiung Khee Chiu, Yok Wooi Matthew Teow, Hean Gay Rodney Tan, Ramasamy Agileswari, Mei Ling Nadia Tan


A Wind Turbine Simulator using MATLAB Graphic User Interface to provide an interactive study for experimenting the performance of a horizontal axis wind turbine mechanical power and its relative parameters is developed. Various computational analysis has been presented in this paper to demonstrate the usefulness of this proposed simulator for simulating a horizontal axis wind turbine with real-world technical parameters on experimenting a wind turbine mechanical power with its influencing parameters such as number of blades, blade length, wind speed, and other technical parameters. Finally, this paper also presented the mathematical structure of modelling and simulating a horizontal axis wind turbine and its software development framework using MATLAB for the objective of contributing to reproducible research.

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