Physicochemical, Thermokinetic and Rank Classification of Garin Maiganga Coal

Bemgba Bevan Nyakuma


This study aims to characterize the physicochemical, rank and thermokinetic fuel properties of Garin Maiganga (GMG) coal. Physicochemical analysis was examined by ultimate-proximate and calorific techniques. The thermokinetic analysis was examined by multi-heating rate (5, 10, 20, 40 °C/min) thermogravimetry (TG) using the Kissinger model. The results indicated GMG is a Sub-Bituminous coal with major combustible elements for future thermal energy applications. Thermal analysis occurred in three stages with multiple peaks from; 30 – 200 °C; 200 – 600 °C and 600 – 1000 °C. The average temperature parameters were; onset Ti (400.86 °C), peak decomposition Tm (455.08 °C), and burnout Tend (500.93 °C). The kinetic parameters for GMG decomposition were; activation energy Ea = 225.28 kJ mol-1 and Frequency factor, A = 7.73 × 1015 min-1. The fuel properties of GMG indicate good potentials for future thermal energy utilization.

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