Effects of Bio-Carriers on the Performance of Attached Growth Process (A Review)

Puniyarasen Perumulselum


Carrier is a very important element in attached growth process. Development of microorganisms on carrier is called biofilm. Attachment of free floating microorganisms to a surface is how a biofilm develops. The properties of carrier play an important role in development of biofilm and effectiveness of treatment. Carrier is available in many sizes, shapes and materials. These factors are helpful in optimization of the carrier for the best potential performance. Clogging is the major problem in attached growth process. Clogging occurs because of uncontrolled growth of biofilm. Clogging occurs when the carrier fully covered with attached growth and there is no water flow through it. The development of biofilm stops when there is clogging. An effective carrier has to prevent clogging and ensure long-term success such as control the flow of water through the carrier. Carrier that can avoid clogging will increase the effectiveness of the system too. Currently, there are many ongoing researches in attached growth process which leads to continuous improvement in terms of its wastewater treatment efficiency. This study reviews on the studies which have been conducted by researchers on attached growth process.

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