Solute Transport Model for Open Channel Flow

nor azlina alias, Lariyah Mohd Sidek


A numerical model is expected to become the primary tool in predicting the flow depth of any flood events. Apart of simulating the flood flow, a solute transport model is found to be important aspects as it could spread by the flood flows. Due to the development of computer technology, a two-dimensional (2D) model has become popular in flow modeling and the associated process such as solute transport. However in certain case of modelling the flood event, modeller probably face difficulty in resolving the problematic river flow in a 2D manner, hence a one-dimensional (1D) model with an ability to deal with a complex hydrodynamics flow is needed.  This paper presents a 1D solute transport numerical model development.  The St. Venant equations for an open channel flow and the advection-diffusion equation used to simulate both shallow and contaminated flows simultaneously. Model has been validated results obtained show a good agreement when compared to the analytical solutions.

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