Development of Web Based Wind Resource Assessment (WEA) Tool

A.A. Bhuiyan, A.K.M.S. Islam, A.I. Alam


Wind power exploitation in Bangladesh is in the early stage of application. Recent study and analysis of wind energy assessment in Bangladesh shows the potentiality of some coastal areas for small scale wind energy generation system which requires technical and feasibility analysis. This rapid growth and interest in wind energy attracts many researchers and academics and practitioners to formulate the theories and practices. Wind is stochastic in nature and Statistical models are commonly used for its analysis. In this paper, a Web-Based Application has been developed to assess the wind energy potential of a particular site by various existing for the calculation of different Parameters, energy estimation and generation potential, environmental benefits and financial analysis. This is free application and one can use it online through the following website: A case study has also been presented using this software for a sample wind turbine of 1 kW at Kuakata. The estimated energy output per year is 2243 kWh, and the production cost is 4.51 Taka/kWh for interest rate of 10%. The environment benefits show greater advantage as the amount of harmful emission saved per year are CO2=1862 Kg, NO2=0.13 Kg, SO2=1.35 Kg, NOx=4.71 Kg and others.


Keywords: Wind energy steam Weibull distribution; Rayleigh distribution; Shape parameter; Scale parameter; Capacity factor



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