Study on Nanoparticles as an Additive in Lubricant towards Sustainability of Energy in Industrial Engineering

  • S.F. Abdullah University Tenaga Nasional, College of Engineering, Department of Science & Mathematics


Materials with nanoscopic dimensions have attracted a great deal of attention recently due to their intriguing properties that cannot be obtained from the conventional macroscopic (bulk) materials. These novel nanoscale materials are expected to have potential applications in areas such as photocatalyst fabrication, optoelectronic device and lubricants. The achievements in templating the nanomaterials within the surfactant system as colloidal gas aphrons are quite promising. The invention of capped wolfram (VI) oxide, known as WO3 nanoparticles as additive in lubricating oil has a great potential application in making machinery lubricating system to be more efficient. Results of the tribological properties of the WO3 nanoparticles as additive in base oils (G1, G2, G3 & G4) using tribo four-ball machine showed that WO3 nanoparticles perform good anti-wear (AW) and anti-friction (AF) properties.