Impact of Green Campus Initiatives on Carbon Footprint of University Campus: Awareness of Students

  • G. Hayder
Keywords: Green Campus Initiatives Carbon Footprint Greenhouse Gas Emission GHG


The focus of this study is to identify the suitable green campus initiative and to measure the reduction in carbon footprint that can be achieved at UNITEN’s main campus. This study is conducted in UNITEN main campus to achieve the objectives set. A sample questionnaire survey was done to analyse impact of green campus initiative programs that can influence the carbon foot print of the campus. The survey identifies the knowledge and willingness of the student to participate in going green activities and contribute to emission reduction. The main green campus initiative areas targeted are litter and waste, energy consumption/implementation and transport and travel. From the survey, it has been identified that most of the students are well aware of carbon footprint and willing to contribute but they are not seriously practicing it. With mission to promote heightened awareness of environmentally sound practices in all of its management operation, activities, and curriculum UNITEN campus should look into practical means of forming a Green Campus Initiative teams to oversee all the activities and march toward reduction on carbon emission within campus with a firm target.

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