Design and Development Water Wave Propagator System from Speed Bump Energy Harvester


  • Firas Basim Ismail Alnaimi UNITEN


wave energy harvesting, wave propagation, speed bump, wave turbine


One of the many issues faced in the modern world is the lack of clean, green, and renewable energy sources. Therefore, to address the issue of sustainability, a new system design was proposed, designed and fabricated. The energy generated from speed humps is converted and boosted to a certain degree which is preferably at a 150% rate and in a form of wave energy. This should be done after it is translated using wave motion that is indefinite in magnitude and direction as per the speed hump that moves linearly. This paper proposed a novel mechanical design namely Wave Propagator and Turbine produces waves, and harvests the energy accordingly based on existing designs. Prior to that, the energy generated by the speed hump will energize a battery that power a linear actuator. In trials to assess the feasibility of this paper whereby multiple components were adopted and each has its own unilateral breaking point, CAD software was used to produce a 3D model as well as a CFD software to figure out its waves’ property in order to get a generalization of the working mechanics. The design was then put under different operating conditions to test its breaking point as well as to gather its factor of safety.




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