About the Journal

The scope of the JEDI includes:

  1. Teaching & Learning – learning experiences, learning diversity, inclusive education, assessment, curriculum design & development, teaching skill enhancement & advancement, and more.
  2. Innovation & Technology – innovative learning & teaching tools, flexible education, e-learning, micro-credential, MOOCs, ODL, APEL, personalized learning, immersive learning and more.
  3. Educational structures – education, sustainability & society, educational policy and administration, leadership in education, and more.
  4. Holistic graduates – student support system, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, career & life readiness, fostering IQ, EQ, & SQ, cultivating resilient graduates, graduates with soul, students’ well-being & mental health, and more.
  5. Students’ innovative outputs – students group project, final year project, capstone project, and more.