The Effect of System Characteristics on the Attitude of Tahfiz Students in Online Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Sharifah Buniamin
  • Norasmaizan Yusoff@Akil
  • Muhammad Hafizan Abd Hamid UNITEN


The outbreak of the COVID-19 led to the closed of educational institutions and effort had been taken to implement online learning in higher education institutions.  Unlike the face-to-face learning system, online learning impacts in different ways on different groups of students. As such this study investigates the effects of system characteristics on the attitude of tahfiz students towards online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Data is obtained through an online questionnaire survey to gain tahfiz students’ perception on system characteristics and their attitude towards online learning. Accordingly, Microsoft Teams and Moodle are the most often utilised modes for teaching and learning and for tasmi', whereby WhatsApp is favoured by the instructor. The findings have reported and shown that both the system functionality and system interactivity are related to the tahfiz students' attitudes, towards online learning.